Overview of Black Rice

Overview of Black Rice

Black rice is a kind of medicine, which is good for both food and rice.

Black rice has a long history of cultivation and is an ancient and precious rice variety in ancient times.

According to legend, when Emperor Han Wu was more than 2,000 years ago, he was first discovered by Bo Wanghou Zhang Ye.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black rice has significant medicinal value. According to ancient agricultural medicine books, black rice “nourishes yin and kidneys, fitness and warms the stomach, promotes eyesight and blood circulation”, “clears the liver and intestines”, “slips wet and refines the essence, nourishes the lungs,”Tensions” and other effects; can be used as medicine for meals, dizziness, anemia, white hair, soft waist and knees, night blindness and tinnitus, especially effective.

Long-term consumption can prolong life.

Therefore, people commonly call it: “medicine rice” and “longevity rice”.

Because it is the most pregnant and pregnant women, it is also called “moon rice”, “blood tonic rice” and so on.

Emperors of all ages also regarded it as a treasure of court health, called “Gongmi”.

It is produced in some places, and the expected ones are Shaanxi black rice, Guizhou black glutinous rice, and Hunan black rice.

Grain types are tadpoles. The previous two types are divided into waxy and non-waxy types.

Brown rice is black or dark brown.

The main nutrient content (rough rice), based on dry matter, contains crude protein8.


5%, rough aunt 2.


8%, cobalt 75-84%, coarse ash 1.


Vitamins, trace elements and amino acids are all higher than ordinary rice.

High edible value, in addition to cooking porridge, you can also make a variety of nutritious food and wine.

Modern medicine has confirmed that black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, strengthening the spleen, warming the liver, and promoting blood circulation.

The nutrients contained in it are mostly gathered in the black cortex, so it is not suitable for fine processing. It is better to eat crushed rice or standard third-grade rice.

When cooking porridge, soak black rice in water for one day and night in summer and soak for two days and nights in winter. The washing time should be less. The water for soaking the rice should be cooked with the rice to preserve the nutritional content.

  Identification of counterfeit and inferior products At present, there are two common cases of adulteration of black rice on the market. One is inferior or inferior black rice aligned at the time of placement, which is dyed and sold as good; the other is ordinary rice.Filled with black rice and sold after dyeing.

Natural black rice will also fade after washing, but it is not as powerful as dyed black rice.

When buying black rice, consumers can perform sensory identification from the following aspects: First look: look at the color and appearance of black rice.

Generally black rice is shiny, the size of rice grains is uniform, there are few broken rice, burst waist (cracks on rice grains), no insects, and impurities are excluded.

Inferior, inferior black rice has a dull color, uneven grain size, poor fullness, more broken rice, insects, and agglomeration.

For dyed black rice, because the black of the black rice is concentrated in the cortex and the endosperm is still white, consumers can scrape off the outer cortex of the rice grains and observe whether the rice grains are white.black rice.

  Second smell: smell the smell of black rice.

Take a small amount of black rice in your hand, take a sigh of warmth to Black Miha, and immediately smell the odor.

High-quality black rice has a normal clear fragrance without other odors.

Slightly odorous or mildewy, sour, spoiled and abnormal odors are inferior and inferior black rice.

  Three tastes: taste the taste of black rice.

Take a small amount of black rice and chew it in the population, or grind it and taste it.

High-quality black rice tastes good, slightly sweet, without any odor.

Black rice with inferior taste, bad smell, sour taste, bitterness and other bad taste is inferior and inferior.

  Quality requirements and technical standards There is currently no national standard for black rice, and it is generally implemented with reference to the rice standard (GBl354-86).

  The precious varieties of black and purple rice are both glutinous rice. They are basically the same in terms of signature nutrients. Rice porridge made from black or purple rice is bright and soft and glutinous, because it is rich in richNutrition has a good nourishing effect, so it is called “tonic blood rice” and “longevity rice”.
The Chinese people have said that “every time is black, we must make up”.
  Black rice contains inorganic salts such as manganese, zinc, and copper, which are 1-3 times higher than rice. It also contains vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotene, and cardiolipin, which are lacking in rice.Rice is more nutritious than ordinary rice blood sugar.

  Eat more black rice has appetizing benefits, spleen warming liver, eyesight and blood circulation, smooth astringent replenishing power, for juvenile white hair, women postpartum weakness, physical weakness and anemia after illness, kidney deficiency symptoms very good to nourish.

  Suitable for all people.

  The applicable amount is 50 grams per meal.

  It is particularly suggested that the black rice grains are covered with a tough seed coat, which is not easy to rot, so black rice should be soaked overnight before cooking.

  If the healthy traffic light black rice porridge is not boiled, most of the signature nutrients can not be dissolved out, and after eating more, it is likely to cause acute gastroenteritis, which is easier for children with weak digestion and the elderly.

Therefore, people with indigestion should not eat uncooked black rice.

  People with weak digestive ability after illness should not rush to eat black rice, but can eat some purple rice to nurse.

  Dish Name: Black Rice Porridge Ingredients: 100 grams of black rice, brown sugar amount.

Method: first wash the black rice, put it into the pot and add porridge with water to cook. When the porridge is thick, add brown sugar and cook for a while.

  Medicinal value: Black rice is regarded by nutrition experts as a kind of food with high protein, rich in vitamins and cellulose, and also contains a variety of amino acids and minerals that the human body cannot naturally synthesize.The effect is suitable for the treatment of lung cough, constipation, unfavorable urination, kidney deficiency and edema, loss of appetite, and weak spleen and stomach.

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