YOGA: Let you enjoy peace and tranquility

YOGA: Let you enjoy peace and tranquility

“Yoga” is a transliteration of Sanskrit (YOGA).

It means unity, correspondence, counterpoint, combination, harmony.

It also has the meaning of being interpreted as “overcoming” or “self-overcoming” (self-control, self-control).

In the Yoga Scriptures, “yoga” is extended to mean “concentration and sublimation”, “connection to unify it”, and “corresponding to its magic”.

  Before 5000 years, yoga practitioners practiced in virgin forests covering the foothills of the Himalayas in India.

Discover how small “I” is compared to the vast universe and nature.

They looked at the worries and pain of this tiny “I”.

At the same time wondering: how did these pains come about?

What can be done to eliminate these pains and bring peace to yourself?

They are raised in meditation, the human heart is superfluous, and the senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body) are often stimulated by the outside world. Whenever they are stimulated by the outside world, their hearts are shaken, so people often suffer from confusion.

They found that people can associate floating uneasiness with their true self.

This heart can gain eternal peace when the original ego feels like one with the fundamental existence of the universe.

  When yogis are practicing physiology in the forest, they accidentally find that various animals can recover naturally without any treatment when they are sick.

Therefore, when they learn to imitate the postures of various animals and apply the methods that produce tension and relaxation to the human body, they have unexpected effects.

This discovery was regarded by them as a means of adjusting the body, which is the “posture method”.

They also found: “You can control your breathing, you can control your life.

In order to adjust the fluctuating gas, there is a “breathing method”.

In addition, from the perspective of yoga philosophy, “qi” is the foundation of the universe’s nature and everything.

If the “qi” of the body’s small universe and the “qi” of nature are not in harmony, disease will occur.

Therefore, this has always been driven by feelings, and has always been a slave to the senses. He has lost his original appearance and anxious self, and then knows that he can control his feelings and find himself a true self.

  Man and the universe should be unified, not that they have similar characteristics to the universe, but that they are essentially fused.

The universe is vast, material is immortal, energy is conserved, there is no end in space, no end in time.

It transforms everything into an endlessly changing and integrated whole.

Its essence is broad, inclusive, creative, and coordinated.

The essence of these essences is broad-minded, selfless, full of vigor and helpful.

When a true self is found, these characters naturally emerge.

  Hatha Yoga, which originated in India, includes breathing and asana. Yoga science for the pursuit of physical health is currently the most popular health and beauty method in the world and is widely used.

In this slow, protective aerobic exercise, people are allowed to calm down from their work and life there, while listening to their “heart sounds” and feeling their bodies.

Yoga fitness method is a combination of movement (strength, bone, skin) and static (refinement, qi, god) health fitness method, suitable for people of all ages to practice.

From the day you start practicing, the mutated genes will be repaired, and the cells in the whole body will become active, so as to achieve health care, treatment, weight loss and other effects, so that you not only have a fit body, beautiful skin, but alsoThis feeling of vitality and joy, positively glowing with youthful vitality, is also a feeling of going back in time.

  Take time every day to feel the breath, so that you can enjoy the moment of peace and tranquility.

Don’t be troubled by past grievances, or worry about what hasn’t happened.

By breathing you can understand yourself, accept yourself, and be your friend.

Learn to breathe to grasp it.

As long as you can grasp your breath, you can grasp your body and mind.

Only by knowing how to breathe can you comprehend life, be active, and enjoy life.

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