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Children’s “minefield food” at different stages

Children’s diet is divided into stages, and each stage of the diet has certain foods to avoid.
Parents should pay more attention to their children’s diet, and be cautious about children’s intake of “mine drugs”. Parents are more concerned about their children’s diet, so what are the taboos for children’s diet?
What foods should not be eaten before the age of 10?
Let’s take a look at the taboos of children before they are 10 years old.
  Don’t eat salt for 3 months: babies within 3 months do not need salt, but they absorb enough from breast milk or milk.
After 3 months, with the growth and development, the baby’s kidney function gradually improves, and the amount of salt required gradually increases. At this time, you can eat a little bit appropriately.
  The principle is to control the amount of salt to less than 1 gram daily after 6 months.
  Do not eat honey within 1 year of age: The normal flora of the baby’s intestine is not fully established within the age of 1 year. After ingestion of honey, it may easily cause infection, and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may occur.
After the baby is 1 year old, the normal flora in the intestine is established, so it is no harm to eat honey.
  Do not drink tea under 3 years old: Young children under 3 years old should not drink tea.
Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which will interfere with the body’s absorption of protein, minerals, calcium, zinc, and iron in the food, causing infants and young children to lack protein and minerals and affect their normal growth and development.
Caffeine in tea is a strong stimulant and may induce ADHD in children.
  Do not take supplements within 5 years of age: Below 5 years of age is a critical period of baby’s development. Supplements contain many hormones or hormone-like substances that can cause epiphyseal closure and shorten the growth period of epiphysis. As a result, children are short and not tall.Disturb the growth system and cause precocious puberty.
  In addition, supplementation at young age can also cause symptoms such as gum bleeding, thirst, constipation, increased blood pressure, and abdominal distension.
  Do not eat pickled products under 10 years of age: Children under 10 years of age do not eat pickled foods for two reasons: First, pickled products (salted fish, bacon, pickles, etc.) contain too much salt, and high-salt diets are likely to induce highBlood pressure disease; Second, the pickled product contains a large amount of nitrite, it and aflatoxin, phenylpropanidine are recognized in the world as the three roughly cancerous substances, research data show: children who started to eat pickled products before the age of 10, adultsThe possibility of developing cancer later is three times higher than that of the general population, especially the risk of developing throat cancer.

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