8 secrets about breasts

8 secrets about breasts

The cleavage is the most charming.

A study by the University of Victoria in New Zealand found that men’s eyes stay on women’s skin longer than their body parts such as faces and buttocks.

Another study found that women also focus on dark colors when observing the same sex.

Women with cleavage are “very sexy, some people think of it” in the eyes of men and women.

  Nipples can also bring orgasms.

In the process of sex, women’s pleasure cannot be separated from their breasts. 87% of women believe that breasts are the best starting point for foreplay.

62% of women think that stripping the upper body is more exciting than stripping the lower body.

Another 23% of women said that they only need to stimulate their nipples to experience orgasm.

  There are 4 types of nipples.

The nipple color is generally slightly different, and there are roughly four types: normal type, oblique type, edema type, and depression type, but in any case, it will erect and protrude after being exposed to external stimuli. Some studies suggest that depression type nipples are more sensitive.

  Some breasts on the left.

A magazine survey of 600 women found that breasts on the left were slightly larger than on the right.

A new American book, Breast Cancer: Natural and Unnatural History, reveals that corrected breasts are usually 1/5 cup larger than the breasts on the other side.

  Breasts are changing interest rates.

A survey recently completed by a large British underwear retailer found that in just 20 years, women’s underwear sizes have continued to increase, weight has increased, breast care and breast augmentation are the reasons for changes in bra size.

  Breast skin is more prone to dryness.

The skin on the breast expands rapidly during puberty, and the skin in this area is thinner and more prone to dryness and wrinkles. Therefore, regular massage during sex can help skin maintenance.

  The average breast weight is zero.

5 kg.

The assistant contained in each breast cancer is equivalent to 4% of the total assistants in the body, so 1% of the total weight of an ordinary woman’s body is the weight of her breast cancer.

It should be noted that smoking women’s breasts are more prone to sagging.

  Sleeping on your stomach will deform your breasts.

Pay attention to maintaining a proper sleeping position to maintain the stiffness and shape of the breasts.

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