Yam Mutton Soup

Yam Mutton Soup

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Raw materials]500g of mutton, 50g of yam, 6g of pepper, wine, scallion, salt, and ginger.

  [Method]Wash the mutton, draw a few knives, and remove blood from the boiling water pot.

Mountain medicinal water is soaked and cut into 2em long sections.

Put mutton and yam in the pot, add the right amount of water, light white, ginger, pepper, wine, boil to remove the floating foam, and use a low fire to burn the mutton.Remove the onion and ginger, add yam after seasoning and pour into the bowl.

  [Efficacy]Strengthen the body and nourish the spleen and stomach.

For spleen and stomach qi deficiency, weight loss, loss of appetite, weak body and other symptoms.

It is a winter tonic.

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