5-step solution for efficient skin tightening


5-step solution for efficient skin tightening

Daytime highlights: face-lifting facial cleanser + firming lotion + firming serum + eye gel + firming lotion + sunscreen evening highlights: skin toner + plant essence + eye gel + anti-aging lotion (cream) Whether you get up early in the morning or go home from work, the most important thing you can’t ignore is washing your face.

Take 1.
Don’t think that washing your face is a very simple thing. The key to resisting gravity is to let your skin’s blood circulation change again. The specific procedure is as follows:

Put the towel soaked in water (the water temperature should be a little hot), cover the uniform gently (of course, if you have makeup on your face, you must first use makeup remover to remove makeup), and gently press the towel with your fingersKeep the towel close to the skin of the face and eyes, and let the hot air on the towel stay for about 30 seconds to promote blood circulation on the face.


When cleaning with a facial cleanser, you need to use a circular motion (gentle massage upwards with your fingertips).

  Use a towel to absorb facial moisture, scoop a spoonful of table salt, add a little hot water to form a concentrated solution, and then apply the solution to the face (except the eyes) like a face. Gently massage in circular motions (hand strength is constant)Light, because some salt crystals may not dissolve sufficiently, and rubbing the skin with a little force), wash with water after 30 seconds.


After the cleansing procedure is completed, the skin is tightened with a pat, and the entire face is patted about 100 times, which not only promotes blood circulation, but also makes the skin smooth and elastic. You don’t have to worry about gravity to visit.


After applying firming lotion, you should also choose a firming or lifting essence to replenish your face with elastic nutrients.


Finally, apply eye firming gel or moisturizing cream.

You can also apply sunscreen.

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