Attract her with personal charm

Attract her with personal charm

I have a friend.

In a crowded and noisy room, he was able to attract everyone’s attention by his own voice, standing position and smile.

He can get whatever job he wants, and if he wants to date a woman, he can date that woman.

He draws every successful person to himself with a confident and energetic image of success.

  He is not handsome.

In fact, people who do n’t know him can’t help but ask, “What the hell does she like about him?

“But once they get along with him, they will soon be conquered by him and fascinated by his temperament.

I couldn’t restrain my curiosity and couldn’t help asking him why: “How did you do that?

How could it fascinate so many people?

He smiled like a breeze. “It’s all about personal charm.”

“The skills to attract others (especially beautiful women) include 10% feeling of success, 10% appearance, 10% wisdom, and 70% personal charisma.

Many men and women believe that personal charm is the number one attraction for the opposite sex.

  Some people are born with charisma.

But most people don’t have natural social skills and they don’t learn the right skills later.

Fortunately, personal charm is not something you can’t find.

What you need to do is to understand the performances that people think are attractive, and then repeat this practice until it is fully integrated into your personality and can be naturally revealed.

  Personal Charm Exercises: 1.

Personal charm always coexists with eye contact.

Never forget to look into each other’s eyes when you are unique.


Showing your charm to someone also includes complimenting them.

Look for things that make you feel complimented.

In this regard, the difference between charisma and touting is that touting is to let the other party give you what you want; charisma is a way of being a person, not a tool to achieve the purpose.


Sincerity is necessary for charm.

You should first believe what you say so that it can achieve its intended effect.


Showing charm should be a lighthearted thing.


The key to charisma is selflessness.

What you might ask for, or even ask for a reward.


Personal charm is not sexy, but just passion.


Charm comes from strong self-confidence.


In the final analysis, personal charm is actually saying in various ways: “You are so good, thank you for making me aware of your care.

“Of course, you need to practice all this over and over again.
Anywhere: To your parents, sisters, neighbors, bosses, teachers, friends, strangers on the street or even your pet.
After doing this, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they will respond to you with the same kindness and kindness.

Please note, however, that displaying your personal charm should only be a bit like a dragonfly. Don’t overdo it.

Of course, don’t forget to smile, it will energize you.

In short, charisma is your handy tool for dealing with relationships.

It can also play a vital role in your emotional life.

So, practice a lot and you will find endless fun.

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