Super practical OL essential three meals weight loss recipe

Super practical OL essential three meals weight loss recipe

The focus of weight loss is on the diet. How to reduce a small amount of dose by controlling weight loss measures is the key to losing weight, and ensuring the health of the body while losing weight cannot be ignored.

Below we introduce how to arrange three meals a day for people who lose weight.


hzh {display: none; }  早餐:由于一夜未吃东西,人体血糖下降,如果省略早餐,会使我们一上午的情绪都不稳定。A reasonable breakfast should focus on both staple food and protein, but avoid high-fat foods such as pancakes and fried dough sticks, and eat fruit after a meal, which will refresh you all day.

  Lunch: For Chinese food, when choosing pasta, avoid fried noodles and instant noodles, and clear soup noodles with greens as the main ingredient. Do not drizzle with hot oil.

When eating fried food, you must peel the fried skin before eating, which can reduce the transfer.

  Dinner: The dinner of the office worker is usually the top of three meals, but at night it is the time when the activity opportunities are the least. If you eat a lot of food at this time, you can’t metabolize it in an instant, and it will be converted into a small amount of storage in the body.

Therefore, dinner should be based on low speed and fullness, moderately increase the amount of vegetables, but also remember to ban meals within three hours before bedtime, supper is best not to eat.

  On this basis, it is best to arrange a day’s diet by eating less and eating more. If you want to have a snack, you can eat low-level snacks in the afternoon and reduce the intake of dinner.

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