Long Dan

Long Dan

Longdan Dairy was born in the Heilongjiang Dairy Industry Research Institute established in 1966. The origin of the “Longdan” brand is also of historical significance. As the domestic dairy industry first introduced the advanced technology of European dairy industry, the name “Longdan” is recordedHe is the origin of dairy technology cooperation between Heilongjiang and Denmark.

  Longdan Dairy is the only large R & D dairy company in the developing country transformed from scientific and technological achievements; it is the only emerging enterprise in the domestic dairy industry that has passed the “Double High” certification of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences;Leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, one of the top ten dairy enterprises in China.

As the industrial base of the National Dairy Engineering Technology Research Center, Longdan Dairy is a professional manufacturer of high-quality formula milk powder and other dairy products, and one of the largest liquid milk producers in the three eastern provinces.

Relying on Heilongjiang’s green original ecological pasture milk source, advanced equipment technology, superb scientific management, and professional talent team, Longdan Dairy has carefully created “Longdan”, a well-known Chinese brand dairy product nationwide.

Longdan liquid milk, dozens of series of Longdan milk powder, more than 100 kinds of dairy products are rich in nutrition and excellent quality. They sell well in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country and are popular with consumers.

  From the birth of China’s first bag of infant formula, to today’s variety of Longdan milk, from the first introduction of Danish technology to the initial large-scale production of Longdan milk, to the Secretary-General of the International Dairy Federation,”Long’s successor” to today’s “milk life, derived from Long Dan”, Long Dan dairy industry has more than 40 years of emerging research and development experience, more than 40 years of rooting in the black earth and insisting on the pure quality, so that each Long Dan dairy product represents local high-quality milkThe perfect combination of source and international cutting-edge technology.

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